SCM Group Playscape design and construction services offers a wide range of quality, flexible options for our customers. We begin with assessing the available space to maximise a fun and safe learning environment for the little people that enjoy the playscape on a daily basis. The best thing is that we focus on a solution that is both  highly durable and requires minimal maintenance.

The very core of our playscape designs centers around children's development, motor skills, growth and enjoyment! The outcome is a natural learning environment suitable for all age groups and skill levels ready for creative play.

Over the last 20 years, we have seen improvement in materials and concepts that we bring into each new innovative design concept we produce. At SCM, we are playscape specialists and our construction skills and extensive experience always delivers a high quality, professional standard that our customers expect.

National Quality Standard

At SCM Group we are aware of the National Quality Standard setting a new national benchmark for the quality of education and care services. The NQS is divided into seven Quality Areas, one of which is Physical environment. The NQS encourages exploration of the natural environment helps children to develop an appreciation of the natural world, an awareness of the impact of human activity on the environment and to begin thinking of ways in which they can contribute to a sustainable future.

The aim is to achieve understanding and respect for the natural environment and create learning environments that encourage children to explore, solve problems, create and construct in challenging and safe ways.

Our team of designers and construction experts are conscious that outdoor spaces need to be designed and organised to engage every child in quality experiences in both constructed and natural environments. Indoor and outdoor environments should offer significantly different, yet complementary experiences and should be given equal focus and attention. Well-designed indoor and outdoor environments can support diverse interests, individual preferences and varied learning styles of all children.

Flexible arrangements of furniture and equipment together with open-ended materials encourage children to become flexible thinkers and investigators.

Our Services

With the National Quality Standards implemented in childcare centers all over Australia, there is an emphasis on "natural" within the childcare playgrounds. This is where SCM Group can help!

We design our playscapes around children's development, growth and, most importantly, fun!

Our playscapes combine earth sculptures, environmental art, indigenous vegetation, rocky creeks, dirt, sand, natural fencing, textured pathways, water parks, and innovative vegetable gardens complemented with modern, well-designed play equipment for a new, exciting and challenging space for children to play with unlimited creativity and imagination. Every Playscape is designed exclusively for each client and is tailored dependant on the centre's property size, unique shape plus the needs and wants of the customer.

We work together with our customers to identify the concerns, discuss possibilities, prepare plans and manage the construction process to ensure the premium quality of your playscape.

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