Playground Work

How long will it take?

Construction time will vary depending upon the size of the playscape, amount/size of equipment to be installed and how easily the construction team can access the site. Most renovation/constructions can take anywhere from three to five weeks depending on whether the centre continues to operate or not during the construction. Once we have evaluated your site and discussed your plans we will be able to give you an indicative timeframe.

How much $$$?

The cost of any construction or renovation will always vary depending upon your request and unique vision. We can reassure that this will always remain within your budget. Once we have discussed your vision, concerns and budget we will then be able to provide you with options in relation to your playground equipment, surfacing, and playground theme (water parks, chicken coups, vegie gardens etc). We can also provide a indication of ongoing maintenance cost after construction is complete. This will help you better understand the exact cost of your new playscape.

However, most playscapes may cost between $75,000 and $250,000 depending upon the size of your centre and the design of your playscape. We will always ensure you will receive the best quality your money can buy.

What approvals are needed?

The Office of Early Childhood Education and Care (QLD) will need to approve the construction at the centre before we are able to commence. They will require information about the centre, construction plans and safety plans. We provide the relevant details and information to you/your management company required to gain approval. We liaise with the department should any concerns or issues arise that may require their attention.

Safety concerns?

Before the construction process begins we provide you with a Safety Plan that outlines the Workplace Health and Safety Policy Statement, Project Description, Project Organisation and Responsibility, Public Protection Controls, Site Rules, Site Inspections, Emergency Plan & Contacts, First Aid & Accident Procedure and Project Risk Assessment for your site. A copy of this is also sent to the department for approval before any on site work can begin.

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